Makeup Classes: What to Look for Before Signing Up

Makeup graduates are quickly becoming teachers before they themselves have mastered the true art of makeup, leading to a generation of classes that are poorly taught, and that do not cover the appropriate material for students to become professional make up artists. In order to make a name for yourself, you must start with the basics while simultaneously maintaining the individual style that will make you stand out amongst the crowd. Keep an eye out for these key factors in make up classes to find one that will help you reach your full potential as an artist.



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The basics of makeup, such as foundation and primer, are the beginning foundation of any make up artist. When these are not done properly, the make up will not sit properly, resulting in a cracked appearance that will not hold up throughout the night. This can ruin a make up artist’s career before it even starts. Instead, make sure that you have a solid foundation for your future career by selecting a makeup class that teaches the basics.


Without the proper tools, it is impossible to create anything. Every make up class should provide proper instruction pertaining to what tools to use, as well as substitute tools. If a person can spend a budget friendly amount on their tools, there is no reason that a teacher should instruct them to purchase everything from an expensive store like Ulta. Often, beginners do not have thousands to spend on make up brushes, and teachers should be understanding of that. They should work with students to help them achieve their goals.

Encourage creativity

Learning the basics of make up will give you the foundation for a career, but it is your individual flair that will make you shine. Instead of instructors focusing specifically on color palettes for certain eye colors, they should encourage students to think outside of the box. Make up looks that are extravagant are the ones that hit the runways. Basic make up looks make it to the last page of a magazine on a paid ad. There is a difference, and you need to find a teacher that will help you reach that goal, whichever it is.


No one should walk out of makeup class and only know how to do a runway look. This limits your future potential. Instead, you should complete the class knowing a variety of techniques and looks in order to reach out to a wider audience, increasing both your potential and your profit. Invest in a class that encourages individuality while maintaining a structure that lets you learn as much as possible regarding different looks to ensure that you will have an amazing career.

Make up artists are the creative professionals that help people build confidence. They create masterpieces that bring a smile to the client’s face every day. When they are properly trained by a skilled instructor, they have the potential to build a life full of creative passion.